For the people of Columbine

(and all of our public schools)

Columbine, your flower so tall and lovely,
has been wounded and cut down.
How could such an awful tragedy
come to plague your precious town?

Has our world now become so blind
that even children have hardened their hearts?
Why can't we see that this is a warning sign,
and with God's help we could make a new start.

Columbine, though your flower has fallen,
and withered like the grass in the field,
sweet comfort to you the shepherd will send,
with His balm your wounds can be healed.

Because for all things there are reasons,
and times to tear down and to build.
There's a purpose for all of the seasons,
and "to love" is always in God's will.

We must humble ourselves to our creator,
and pray we can turn from our ways.
With His spirit in us we can become greater,
with His grace we can make our schools safe!!!

My name is Ms. Linda Adam, and I am the mother of two boys who are enrolled in the public school system here in the state of Maine. I, like many other parents in our country, have experienced the fear and the sadness of the violence in our public schools, and especially the increasing amount of copycat incidences since the tragedy at Columbine High School.

I have been a school board member, as well as a substitute teacher in our local schools, and have listened to many discussions lately on how to solve this ongoing problem of violence in the schools. I have heard many different ideas and plans of action presented before parents, teachers, and administrators. I have watched many talk shows on TV, heard many speeches on gun control, and listened to proposals of regulating the music and movie industry. But still the problem goes on, while it seems that I hear of a new incident every day in a nearby school.

But what I haven't heard too much about is why are children acting out like this in our schools? What is the driving force behind this incredible sadness and anger in our children that brings them to such extremes, and what can we do to get to the root of this problem? I've not heard much talk going on about love, only alot of talk about hatred and violence.

Has the thought ever occured to us that our children need to know that we love them? When was the last time that you told a child in your life that you love them and are praying for them, or better yet, when was the last time you told a child that Jesus loves them, and is praying for them? Once again in our country, there are alot of well-meaning people trying to come up with a good plan to help our hurting children. Why can't they see that the true problem has a more simplistic answer to it, and can be summed up in a word, "selflessness". We need to make our children the priority in our lives! It is not our jobs, or chasing the almighty dollar that should be our priority in life. Our children need us to be there for them!!!

It is time for people to wake up and see that our children don't need more material things in their lives, they need us, they need our time, they need our attention, and they need our love. They need to come home from school and have a parent who is there to be with them (or another caring person). They need to be monitored as to what they watch on TV, listen to in music, where they surf on the internet, and where they go to visit. They need both parents to start parenting again in their lives, and giving them the time they so richly deserve to be able to grow up and survive in this world.

Now is the time that these children are told that there is a right and there is a wrong. But most of all, it is time to teach them that there is a God who has created them and Who has plan for their lives. A God who says "let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. (Matthew 19:14)

If we choose to ignore all these warning signs again, then it will be time to pay the highest price of all, and that is with the continued spilled blood of our innocents.


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